We get it! Sometimes things happen and your case doesn't look the same as when you first got it. That's why we're happy to give you a warranty on your case!

If your case is physically damaged within the first year of purchase, let us know what's going on! For half the price of your original total, we will send you a brand new case! 

1. Take a picture of your damaged case.

2. Email info@bcsofficial.com and let us know what happened.

3. Include the picture & receipt in the email.

4. Let us work our magic.

5. Receive your new case.

6. Love your new case more than the first one! 




Not Just A Pretty Face case was $15.00. My receipt says I paid $15.00 for the case. My case is damaged and I've emailed Best Case Scenario about it and sent a picture along with my receipt. I received an emailed back and it said, "I can mail you a new case for just $7.50!"